How to Create a B2B Social Media Network Strategy (Without Being Boring)

A look at the impact of social networks on B2B marketing

Social network marketing is usually considered to be B2C (e-commerce between the company and the customer), but new research has proven that this type of business can be done in B2B (e-commerce between two companies). This kind of business is so effective that it can be considered as the most important way of marketing social networks.

According to a survey by Umbrine’s website of 115 marketing experts on B2B marketing practices, 79% of experts said social media is the most effective marketing channel. 38% of them also announced that they would spend an additional budget on social network marketing in the new year.

The question that arises here is why social networks are so effective in increasing the effectiveness of B2B marketing? In this article, we intend to examine the impact of social networks on B2B marketing (or industrial marketing!) And tell you how to use social networking in B2B marketing.

Why are social networks important for B2B marketers?

Human being is a social being and always tries to make use of his experience of communicating with others in his decisions. We ask ourselves every day, do you like this person? Can I work in one place? Is this person reliable? We communicate with many people every day. Confidence, knowledge, and commitment to the promise determine the core of these communications.

Social networking is the same as online. In this way, B2B marketers can take advantage of this opportunity to introduce their products and services through their social networking activities.

Bob Dirsley, CEO of The B2B Marketing Labs, believes that in the B2B marketing world, LinkedIn and Twitter have a huge impact on increasing traffic to the site. In B2B marketing, people first evaluate online services and products online and then act to buy them. So, the first place to look at products and services is its website. So, the more targeted website traffic your site enters your website, the more likely you are to sell your products.

What is a wonderful way to drive people to the website? Social Networks. While social networking links and Twitter are great communication channels for the sale of products and services, they do not care enough about B2B marketing.

The Best Way to Use Social Networks In B2B Marketing

The use of social networks in B2B and B2C marketing is completely different. Communicating in the social network is not just about the number of audiences, but the type of content, quality, and depth of communication is very effective. B2B marketing, like B2C marketing, aims to attract users’ attention, with the difference that in B2B marketing, users look a little bit more detailed about your company’s services. Your B2B marketers are usually people who are well-versed with experience and knowledge and are fully fluent in investigative techniques. Your customers in B2B marketing are people who are either self-employed or not a typical audience.

On the other hand, B2C marketing aims to engage customers with the brand and recognize you as a brand, but in B2B marketing, the main goal is to provide solutions to problems.

B2B marketing for products and services is harder

B2B marketing is hard and requires specialist expertise to understand the difference between products and their audience. Also, this type of marketing usually responds in the long run. Therefore, it’s impossible to get a quick result from a marketing approach. Sometimes purchases made by other companies are not necessary.

Many companies use the services of other companies only because of their needs, not because they think that buy website traffic this product will make a difference in their business process! By purchasing a suitable product, they can meet their needs for a long time. As a result, there is no need to invest in this. So, producing content that can engage audiences and attract customers is a big challenge in B2B marketing. Usually most companies place B2C marketing at the top of their business, but B2B marketing is also important. The following four methods help you to drive more traffic to your website through B2B-based marketing.


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