Amazing Desert Safari Tour in Abu Dhabi

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Abu Dhabi? Let me guess! Your thoughts must come out of the word desert, buildings soaring into the sky, international education systems, guaranteed health, luxury cars, extraordinary tourist attractions, etc. There are many interesting things in this capital city of the United Arab Emirates, if you are interested in luxury cars then you are right in this city, there are many Cars News sources that can satisfy your passion. If you are interested in challenging tourist spots, then you come to the right city. Abu Dhabi provides a very challenging tourist spot for true adventurers namely Desert Safari Abu Dhabi.

The vast Arabian Desert is ready to fulfill your adventurous desires. Desert safari is becoming very special in Abu Dhabi, there are many tourists dreaming of feeling the traces of ancient adventurer explorers. In other words, Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is a tour across a stretch of sand and vast space. If ancient adventurers ride camels, then you use a 4×4 car that is specifically designed to be able to pass through sand dunes.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi provides an unforgettable experience and sensation. There are many European tourists coming to Abu Dhabi just to feel the sensation of driving across a stretch of desert. They want to find the experience of enjoying the real taste of the Bedouin Arabian Desert.

Although desert looks dry, hot and arid, it can provide extraordinary excitement and travel experiences that are difficult to find in other countries. Throughout the trip, all tourists will be guided by experienced drivers driving four-wheeled cars; do not expect your trip to be as smooth as on a highway. Well, herein lays the real sensation, when the car hit the sandbar many times for more than 30 minutes and all the passengers shouted while laughing with joy. Tourists can choose the hour of departure, they can leave early at around 9:00 in the morning or afternoon at 15:30. Don’t worry about the car that will take you across the desert, all cars are modified specifically for the desert. The cars also have a high level of safety; all cars will not be easily rolled when crossing the sandy terrain.

Not only the stretch of sand that will entertain your sights while in the car. During the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi tour, tourists will stop at several places to take pictures or record camel farms or enjoy typical desert drinks on the more spectacular dunes. If you are lucky, you will see the golden sun set in a stunning sandbar; this phenomenon is more beautiful than when you watch it on the mountain or sea.

All tourists will experience extraordinary hours in the desert. They will feel the sensations of various customs and cultures of the Arabian in ancient times such as camping in the desert, the application of Sheesha and henna, feeling a luxury BBQ, tea, Arabic coffee, soft drinks, endless dates and the most sensational is that tourists will be entertained with belly dancing all night.