Finding the Best Bangkok Traditional Market

Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand is incomplete if you don’t spend the budget for shopping. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, which has various shopping places, there are many Shopping Malls such as Century Mall, King Power Complex, MBK Center, Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Terminal 21, Siam Discovery, etc. Amidst the emergence of various modern shopping malls, Bangkok still maintains a traditional floating market. No less with shopping malls, floating markets provide a variety of foods, drinks, unique items, etc. Amphawa floating market is the most special traditional market in Bangkok. This market presents a natural atmosphere; it is perfect for those of you who want to relieve stress after a day of work. You can also have lunch accompanied by the sound of people making transactions on traditional boats.

There are many famous floating markets located near Bangkok. If you want to escape from work fatigue, then coming to the floating market is a very good choice. This floating market is on the Mae Khlong river, Along the river visitors will see a lot of food stalls. Tourists can taste the very tasty grilled seafood that can be found on wooden boats moored around the bridge in the center of the village. Here visitors can enjoy various kinds of seafood from large shrimp, clams and squid. Wow, that is a very delicious meal.

Based on various information that I got, the Amphawa Floating Market is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most sellers start preparing merchandise around noon, but a good time to go is between 3:00 – 4:00 in the afternoon when the heat of the day begins to decrease. To ascertain this market opening time you can access

Spending time wandering along the river, seeing small boats is the right way to enjoy the traditional market atmosphere. Prepare a camera or video recorder to capture unique images, the shots will be very amazing and rare memories.

When the afternoon comes, it is a great time to hang out at Amphawa floating market. You can order some cakes and drinks while enjoying the beautiful afternoon atmosphere. Well, indeed here you are just sitting around enjoying some Thai songs and seeing people doing buying and selling transactions. When night comes, visitors will enjoy the magical scenery. Along the canal visitors will see old Bangkok shops made of wood and sell various kinds of Amphawa souvenirs, you can buy them as typical Amphawa souvenirs. In addition, there are also temples located on the other side of the Mae Khlong River.